Capacitors - Motor Run, Lighting


Chase Power supply a broad range of capacitors for use in motor start and motor run, lamp, power factor correction, power electronics and industrial power factor improvement.

Motor Capacitors
There are many types of motor capacitors including Run and Start Capacitors. These capacitors are used for the starting and running of 50Hz AC (alternating current) single-phase asynchronous motors, pumps, fans, air conditioners and washing machines. They also can be used for the no-power equalization of lamps to improve the power. Motor starting capacitors are normally used in single phase induction motors in order to increase the value of their starting torque. Available from 250V up to 500V with long life ratings up to 30,000 hours. 

Plastic case capacitors: The dielectric for this range of capacitor is polypropylene while the case and cover are made of a self healing plastic material. The main characteristics are: Low loss non inductive windings, self healing to circuits, small size and weight, no leakage risk and safety protection.

Metallic case capacitors: These capacitors have no risk of leaking. The cases are metallic while the covers are made of self healing plastic. These capacitors are equipped with anti explosive safety devices and have a safety protection of P2.

Lighting Capacitors
Lighting Capacitors (plastic and metal case) are suitable for parallel and series power factor correction applications in both fluorescent and discharge light fittings.

Moreover plastic and metal case capacitors can be equipped with a wide range of fixing devices and termination options. Plastic case capacitors are available with overpressure safety devices.

Other Capacitors include:

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