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Chase Power supply a broad range of Low Voltage and High Voltage Power Capacitors which are globally recognised with the highest quality.

High Voltage Power Capacitors
These capacitors are designed for reactive power compensation of industrial plants and electrical networks. When required voltages are higher than the rated voltage of individual capacitors, units are integrated into banks by means of series connection. Fusing is according to national safety requirements. High partial discharge inception voltage makes these capacitors suitable for installation in networks with high harmonics and transient voltages. Low temperature dependent capacitance change also makes these capacitors particularly suitable for filter circuit installations.

Types of High Voltage Capacitors include:

  • Single Phase (with and without Internal Fuses)
  • Three Phase (with and without Internal Fuses)
  • Single Phase with two outputs (Twin Capacitors)
  • Induction Heating Capacitors

Low Voltage (Three Phase) Capacitors
These capacitors are designed for use in the industrial and commercial sectors for the improvement of power quality and reduction of energy costs. Chase Power can supply dry type, cylindrical type and aluminium housing.

To view a selection of the Power Capacitors we can and have supplied, please refer to our photo gallery.

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