Instrument Transformers



Chase Power offer an extensive range of tailor-made Instrument Transformers. The range includes instrument transformers, current transformers (CT's), voltage transformers (VT's and PT's), protection transformers, measuring transformers, potential transformers, Rogowski coils, current and voltage sensors, insulating parts in cast resin for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) applications.

Chase Power also offers customised solutions to meet customer specifications in markets including Power Generation, Transportation, Distribution, Industrial and Severe Environments such as Rail, Marine and Mines.

Applications encompass energy, industrial or tariff metering, protection against overcurrent, earth fault protection, and measure of homopolar currents.

Expertises include scaling high currents and voltages (up to 60,000A/52kV) down to small currents and voltages (down to several mA/mV). The Instrument Transformers are designed to cope with outdoor or indoor conditions, as well as with harsh conditions caused by the presence of humidity, fuel, salt, oil, sun, water, heat, cold, air acidity, vibrations, mechanical shocks and electrically disrupted signals.

To view a selection of the Instrument Transformers we can and have supplied, please refer to our photo gallery.

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