Power Conditioners




95% of power problems can be attributed to voltage fluctuations such as Voltage Sags, High Voltage, Brownouts, Swells, Flicker, Surges and Impulses. These are called Invisible Voltage Fluctuations and have been identified as being the single most expensive power quality event.

Protect your sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances with an automatic voltage stabiliser / electronic voltage conditioner. Chase Power supplies and supports a comprehensive range of equipment ranging from 300VA up to 150kVA in single phase and from 2kVA up to 500kVA in three phase.

This equipment plays an important role when guaranteeing a stable voltage to loads that are very sensitive to fluctuations. Three phase units can be supplied with additional protection components such as automatic switches at the input and output, isolation transformers, RFI filters and overload dischargers to achieve total protection of the load in case of any transitory problem from the feed line or the load itself, as well as reducing the 3rd and 5th current harmonics.

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