UPS Status Indicators


Chase Power supply UPS Status Indicators specially designed for monitoring UPS status in a medical environment. Units are suitable for operating theatres, intensive care, recovery wards, isolation rooms, nursing stations, treatment rooms and other special care areas. They are suitable for wall mounting in standard Australian electrical accessory brackets.

The status of the connected UPS is indicated by LED lights and alarms. Mains on mode is indicated by a green LED. Loss of supply to the UPS, or emergency mode, triggers an alarm synchronised with a flashing red LED light. The audio alarm can be muted if desired. The muting function can also be configured to time out if the UPS is unattended for periods of 1 to 4 hours. Alarms will continue until supply is restored, or the UPS power is exhausted.

Chase Power's UPS Status Indicators can be provided with an optional relay alarm output voltage free contact (normally open or closed on alarm). When mains power is completely lost, alarm contacts will be in a closed alarm state. 

Download Chase Power UPS Status Indicator data sheet.

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