Neutral Earthing Resistors



Most power distribution networks have their neutral earthed to support important currents whenever a fault occurs. In order to avoid the damages and disturbances such faults can cause, a resistor is fitted between the neutral and the earth to limit this current and to give electrical protection devices enough time to react.

Individually engineered to meet the customer’s requirements, our Neutral Earthing Resistors (NER's) are for voltages up to 110kV.

Housing safety classifications from IP00 to IP55.
Enclosures - hot dip galvanized, painted, stainless steel or other as specified.

Options include: 

  • Current transformer HV or LV
  • ON or OFF load disconnecting switches
  • Space heaters, Elevating stands, Bushing cable boxes
  • Disconnecting and change over switch cabinets including disconnectors and current transformers for direct earthing or earthing through the Neutral Earthing Resistor are also available

To view a selection of the Neutral Earthing Resistors we have supplied, please refer to our photo gallery.


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