Chase Power supply resistors for numerous applications including:

Transmission & Distribution 

  • Neutral Earthing Resistors – Sub-station transformers have to be protected in all high voltage distribution networks. For further information, please refer to the Neutral Earthing Resistors product page.
  • Resistors for DVDC or SVC harmonic filter (damping) – as more and more powerful electronics create interference (harmonics), many high voltage networks are obliged to suppress these harmonics using filtering resistors.

Load Banks

  • To test and load electrical gensets
  • Battery discharge
  • Load Bank for electrical laboratory

Motor Control

  • Braking resistor for frequency inverters
  • Rotoric starter (dry resistor or electrolytic starter)
  • Statoric Starter
  • Resistor for DC Motor


  • Braking Resistor
  • Resistor for auxiliary devices

Industrial Heating

  • Drying
  • Industrial Furnace

To view a selection of the Resistors we have supplied, please refer to our photo gallery.

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