Variable Speed Drives



Chase Power supply a full range of AC and DC Variable Speed Drives. These drives offer high performance whilst providing reliable and energy efficient solutions for all motor control needs.

Variable Speed Drives

  • Provide energy savings (Pumps and Fans)
  • Improve process (Provide constant control, pressure or flow)
  • Provide precision control
  • Provide quality enhancements to products

Standard products and specialised systems are available. Simple to advanced applications are covered with the range of product.

  • Simple and compact, yet powerful
    Optimum efficiency
  • Easy Installation (Panel / DIN Rail Mounting)
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple connections
  • Simple start up
  • Built in EMC Filter
  • Display keypad
  • Software and Documentation
  • Communication Port RS485 – Modbus RTU
  • Available up to 132kW / 200HP
  • Active front ends
  • IP rated units available
  • Installation and commissioning services available

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