Onyx 2

Onyx 2 is an On-Line Double Conversion 2kVA, 2000W UPS. With a unity output power factor for the best possible performance and efficiency and a wide input Voltage Range 160-300 VAC (at 100% load), Onyx 2 represents a new generation of true On-Line Double Conversion UPS, for power sensitive applications.

Onyx 2 has a compact slim tower style design, with an LCD display to provide superb functionality. It provides great, energy saving efficiency, as well as increased reliability with features such as built-in over voltage cut off device, fan lock, over temperature and overload warning detections.

Combine this unit with our WLAN Dongle in order to take advantage of the newest technology – Internet of Things (IoT). This option allows real time remote monitoring and advanced notification of critical parts of the UPS while keeping the user and field engineer informed of critical UPS events at all times thus ensuring cost and time savings while reducing risk.

Equipped with both USB and RS 232, Onyx 2 uses powerful WinPower software – however the USB HID enables monitoring without software installation. Couple this with WinPower View (Mobile App) which will allow centralised monitoring of a single UPS or multiple UPS’s in the cloud.  This is downloadable from Google Play or Apple APP.  A total of 30 devices may be connected. Communication options include SNMP, CMC (RS485 Modbus), AS400 and Environmental Monitoring Probe. For extended battery back-up, we can offer external battery banks or consider our Emerald 2L.


  • Online Double Conversion technology
  • Australian output power sockets
  • Unity power factor provides more power per kVA rating
  • Greater energy saving efficiency
  • Improved battery algorithm to extend battery life
  • Greater reliability with built-in over voltage cut off device; fan lock; over temperature and overload warning detections.
  • Low audible noise allows installation in most location
  • Innovative connectivity options allow safe network connection to Cloud
  • WLAN module for IoT connection
  • Android/iOS Mobile APP for monitoring and configuration
  • USB HID enables monitoring of UPS without software installation
  • Upgraded network card compliance with IEC standard cybersecurity
  • External battery banks available to extend UPS run time

Physical Dimensions L x W x H (mm):

  • 424 x 192 x 318

Technical Data Sheet: 

Applications for this UPS include:

  • Ideal for protecting computers
  • Servers
  • Communications
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Network
  • Storage devices
  • VolP
  • Telecommunications

Operating Systems supported:

  • Windows Family and Mac OSx10.7 and later

Note: Other operating systems may be supported. For more information please contact Chase Power.


  • 10Amp power point required


  • USB
  • RS-232
  • Options: Network Management SNMP, AS400, CMC (RS485) Card


  • Onyx 2 free UPS monitoring WinPower software can be downloaded from


UPS Supplied with: 

  • User Manual
  • Downloadable smart software link
  • 10A Input Power Cable
  • USB Cable

Optional Accessories:

  • Network Management SNMP Card
  • Environmental Monitoring Probe
  • AS400 Card
  • CMC Card
  • WLAN Dongle
  • PDU-MBS, Power Distribution Unit/Maintenance Bypass Switch (1U rack mount)
  • External Wrap Around Maintenance Bypass Switch (wall mount)
  • UPS replacement batteries