Power Factor Correction

Power factor is a measure of how effectively incoming electrical power is being used. A high power factor (close to 1) indicates efficient use of the electrical supply while a low power factor (0.7) indicates poor use of the incoming supply. Many businesses are now under pressure from the utilities to improve their use of power and so require a power factor correction solution.

Power Factor is the relationship between Real power and Apparent power. Apparent power is your total usage and is made up of Real power which is the part that does the work and Reactive power which is required by AC systems to operate. Reactive power contributes to your electricity bill but is not used.

The objective of power factor correction is to supply the reactive power necessary to make inductive loads work by increasing the power factor and thus reducing the current in the network. Power factor correction produces technical and economical advantages resulting from a more rational sizing of the transformers, switches and lines, as well as guaranteeing an enormous reduction of energy costs.

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