Tungsten RT 6L

Tungsten RT 6L is an On-Line Double Conversion 6000VA, 6000W UPS featuring one of the world’s best-in-class designs. Utilising the latest in electronics, Tungsten RT 6L boasts zero transfer time and a wide input voltage range allowing the UPS to be installed in harsh environments. Tungsten RT 6L is an exceptionally efficient UPS running at 95% Efficiency in Inverter Mode, and 98% in ECO mode. Unity output power factor guarantees no de-rating with loads thus providing a consistent 100%. The UPS features intelligent battery management and can be password protected.

Sleek and elegant of design, Tungsten RT 6L features a user friendly high-resolution graphical interface. With one matching external battery bank, this UPS system occupies just 5U. Additional 3U battery banks may be added to extend battery backup time. Capable of running up to three units in parallel to allow for redundancy and additional load increases, Tungsten RT 6L is perfectly suited to protecting mission-critical applications, including Servers, Networks, Storage Devices, VoIP, Banking, POS, Security, Telecommunications, Industrial and Medical equipment. Tungsten RT 6L requires hard-wired installation by qualified personnel.


  • Output Power Factor 1
  • No power derating occurs within the full operating temperature range
  • Upgraded Winpower software seamlessly integrates with virtualisation platform
  • 95% Efficiency in Inverter Mode
  • Input THDi <3%
  • Output THDv <5%
  • 3 hours to achieve 90% charge
  • Charger in long backup models adjustable to a maximum 12A
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch optionally available
  • Parallel connection optionally available

Physical Dimensions L x W x H (mm):


  • 14kg  –  438 x 86.2 (2U) x 573

Battery Bank

  • 69kg  –  438 x 129 (3U) x 593

Technical Data Sheet: 

Applications for this UPS include:

  • Servers
  • IT infrastructure
  • Industrial equipment
  • Networking equipment
  • Automatic gates
  • Medical equipment
  • Radio and telephony

Operating Systems supported:

  • Windows® Family, Linux, MAC

Note: Other operating systems may be supported. For more information please contact Chase Power.


  • Hardwired installation by qualified personnel


  • USB
  • RS-232
  • Options: SNMP, AS400, CMC Card (RS485)


  • Tungsten RT 6L’s free UPS monitoring WinPower software can be downloaded from


UPS Supplied with: 

  • UPS User Manual
  • Dry-Contact Plug
  • USB Cable
  • Feet
  • Rack-Mounting Ears
  • Mounting Screws
  • IEC to 10A GPO adaptor cable

Optional Accessories:

  • Rackmount Slider Kit
  • Network Management SNMP Card
  • AS400 Card
  • CMC Card
  • Environmental Monitoring Probe
  • PDU with Manual Bypass Switch
  • External Wrap Around Maintenance Bypass Switch (wall mount)
  • Parallel Kit
  • IEC to Australian 10A GPO adaptor cables
  • UPS replacement batteries