Power Conditioners

The vast majority of power problems can be linked to invisible voltage fluctuations such as sags, high voltage, brownouts, swells, flicker, surges and impulses. These fluctuations cost industry millions of dollars a year in down time and damaged equipment.

Invisible voltage fluctuations may be overcome with the installation of a Power Conditioner. Power Conditioners work to protect sensitive commercial and industrial loads from voltage disturbances by means of an automatic voltage stabiliser and electronic voltage conditioner, thereby reducing the stress placed on sensitive electrical equipment leading to a longer life and smoother operation.

Other benefits to their use include steadier, measurable electricity consumption, fewer production disturbances, lower operating costs, less risk of work place electrical accidents and increased network capacity.

Power Conditioners have a huge array of uses in small business as well as in large industrial applications, such as:

  • Production Lines
  • Process Control
  • Computers
  • Copy/Printing Services
  • CAD/CAM Multi-Media
  • Communications Systems
  • Audio Equipment
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Alarm/Security Systems
  • Medical Equipment
  • POS Terminals
  • Auto-Test Equipment
  • Medical Monitoring Systems
  • Electric Cash Register
  • Service/Data Storage Systems

Chase Power supply and support a comprehensive range of single phase and three phase power conditioners.

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How is a Power Conditioner different to a UPS?

A high quality UPS works in three ways – to give emergency battery backup power in the event of power outage; to provide protection from unstable incoming power and to provide a safe shutdown via software to electronic devices.

When stable voltage is critical, but battery backup is not required, then you are looking for a Power Conditioner.