Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

When a mission critical load requires a constant reliable power source, an Automatic Transfer Switch can be utilised.  Designed with two separate power inputs, the ATS firstly supplies power to the connected load from a master power source. Should the master power source fail, a second power source automatically carries the load of the connected equipment without interruption. The transfer time from one power source to the other is instantaneous. After resumption of power, the ATS can switch back to the master power source.


  • 16A max. input current
  • Powered by two separately independent power sources
  • Dual power supply for redundancy
  • Provides seamless power switch for IT equipment
  • Preferred source selection on front panel
  • Highly reliablity 19″ rack design (1U) to fit into a diverse working environment
  • Built-in USB and RS-232 communications