Liberty 6

Liberty 6 is an On-Line Double Conversion 6000VA, 6000W UPS, featuring top-of-the-line technology and a very small footprint. Liberty 6 features pure sine wave output with a Unity power factor, guaranteeing no de-rating with attached loads.  With 95% efficiency in Inverter mode and 98% in ECO mode, Liberty 6 will provide an incredibly efficient defence against power interruptions.

Liberty 6 has a user friendly high-resolution graphical interface, with detailed menus about UPS status, event logs, and more, all of which can be password protected through the UPS. Up to three Liberty 6 units may be operated in parallel to allow for redundancy and increased load levels. With an in-built Maintenance Bypass Switch, Liberty 6 can be configured to provide the maximum level of support to your sensitive equipment, and is suited perfectly to protection mission-critical applications, including Servers, Networks, Storage Devices, VoIP, Banking, POS, Security, Telecommunications, Industrial and Medical equipment. Liberty 6 requires hard-wired installation by qualified personnel.


  • Output Power Factor 1
  • Wide Input Range 160 – 276VAC with full load
  • No power derating in full operating temperature range
  • 95% Efficiency in Inverter Mode
  • Input THDi <3%
  • Output THDv <5%
  • 3 hours to achieve 90% charge
  • Charger current adjustable from 1 – 4A using LCD display
  • Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch included
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch optionally available
  • Parallel connection optionally available

Physical Dimensions L x W x H (mm):

  • 54kg  –  492 x 220 x 589

Technical Data Sheet: 

Applications for this UPS include:

  • Ideal for protecting computers
  • Servers
  • Communications
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Network
  • Storage devices
  • VolP
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial equipment
  • IT Infrastructure

Operating Systems supported:

  • Windows® Family, Linux, Sun Solaris, MAC

Note: Other operating systems may be supported. For more information please contact Chase Power.


  • Hardwired installation by qualified personnel


  • USB
  • RS232
  • External Slot


  • Liberty 6’s free UPS monitoring WinPower software can be downloaded from

UPS Supplied with: 

  • User Manual
  • USB Cable
  • 4-Port Dry-Contact plug
  • 4 x Stabiliser Brackets w/ screws

Optional Accessories:

  • 2U Rackmount PDU with Manual Bypass Switch
  • External Wrap Around Maintenance Bypass Switch (Wall-Mount)
  • Parallel Kit
  • Network Management SNMP Card
  • AS400 Card
  • Modbus Card
  • Environmental Monitoring Probe