A load bank is designed to accurately simulate a load. It is used to prove the design, performance and capacity of the power source (e.g.: a generator, gas turbine or UPS system) if it was in use. Any site that owns a standby emergency generator, UPS system or any company that builds or sells generators and power systems will have need of a load bank.

In the early days of trading, Chase Power were requested to assist Queensland Rail to write a functional design specification and after a worldwide tender, were subsequently awarded a major contract to design, supply, install and commission a 2500V, 4000A DC load bank, switchboard and associated PLC programming at Redbank and to train QR personnel in its operation. We still provide preventive maintenance services for this load bank to QR on a regular basis. Read more about this major project.

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We also supply resistors for a variety of other applications:

  • Neutral Earthing
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Motor Control
  • Industrial Heating
  • Dynamic Braking
  • Electrolytic Starters