Chase Power supply inverters to suit residential, mobile and marine power, remote area and industrial applications.

Residential, Mobile, Marine and Remote Area Power

Our range of residential on-grid inverters convert the power from solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable sources straight into the grid without the need for large, expensive batteries. Mains power in a car, recreational vehicle or boat can be obtained by converting the energy stored in your batteries using one of our inverters. A remote area power system comprises a battery to store energy and solar panels, wind turbine or generator to recharge the batteries and an inverter. A Chase Power pure sinewave inverter has the power and reliability needed for these types of installations.


Most backup power systems are only in use if the main source of power is lost. It will comprise of a transfer switch, which on failure of the mains will switch loads such as computers and other critical appliances to the backup Inverter. As the inverter is the last source of power it is imperative that it is reliable and ready to operate in the blink of an eye. Our pure sinewave 19” rackmount industrial inverters are an excellent solution.

  • Versatile and customisable to suit individual applications
  • Pure sinewave waveform
  • Robust design that protects itself against AC shorts
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sophisticated circuitry provides protection against overload, short circuit, over temperature and battery low voltage shutdowns
  • Fully selectable between 50/60Hz via a set of internal dip switches for international use
  • Auto-start circuitry automatically switches the inverter ON and OFF with applied appliances. The auto-start maximises valuable battery capacity. The sensitivity of this feature can be easily adjusted to either start small appliances or run continuously.
  • Toroidal transformer provides outstanding efficiency and durability
  • Correctly sized, the high surge rating allows easy starting of motors and high inrush current devices
  • DC circuit breaker protects the inverter and cables from becoming a potential fire hazard under fault conditions, as well as providing a point of isolation from your batteries when switched OFF.
  • The circuit breaker is designed for ease of operation and safety. If the Inverter shuts down due to overload, undervolts or overvolts it can be reset.
  • Full 3500V AC/DC isolation
  • Galvanically isolated
  • High quality, high current, heavy duty DC leads for low loss power delivery
  • LED status indicators
  • A large range of options from custom voltages and alarm contacts to vibration proofing and conformal coatings are available.
  • Massive inrush and overload capability
  • Rugged construction

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